Can’t get enough 40K Radio? Going through withdrawals during the week?
Well have no fear; we have the solution for you……………The 40K Radio Freebootaz!

What are the Freebootaz you ask? Well, it’s quite simple.

The Freebootaz are our most dedicated fans!

Look at all the great stuff you get when you sign up!

1. Exclusive Access To The Forum

This is the best forum on the planet! Not only is this the place to hang out with the hosts of the show, as well as other fans, but hanging out on the forum will make you famous! You can earn reputation points and show that you are a God amongst Men (and Women too!) The more you participate the more Freebootaz Points you earn.

What are Freeboota Points you ask? Ahh that’s a secret… have to be a Freeboota to understand. (We can’t tell you all of our secrets, it kills the mystery)

2. Bonus Content

Only Freebootaz have access to our Bonus Content Section located on the Forum. here you will find, bonus video clips, extra episodes (including the infamous Episode 1 – The Lost Episode).

3. Contests

We have all kinds of contests on the show. We have given away a bunch of stuff! Including Autographed Books, Painted Miniatures, Blister Packs and much, much more!  We know you want to win them but….only Freebootaz are eligible for any 40K RADIO contest.

4. Golden Boota Dayz

Freebootaz also have exclusive access to discounts during Golden Boota Dayz each month on the 27th.  These discounts can only be had by joining and becoming a member.  The discounts rage on items such as models and hobby supplies to bigger items like Battle Foam Bags and swag.

Cost of Membership is just $25.00 US per year and that can be made back after just one Golden Boota Day.  Join now and be part of the funnest thing to hit the miniature wargaming world.

Click here to get your subscription!

*Upon receipt of payment 40K RADIO will contact you via email to set up your invitation only account for the Freebootaz. Activation may take up to 48 hours upon completion of registration. By joining the 40K Radio Freebootaz you are agreeing to have 40K Radio information sent to your listed email address. E-mail is used solely for contacting subscribers about 40K RADIO information and prize claims. Your e-mail will never be sold to anyone!