The Really, Really, Really, Big Show. July 15th (Show 44)

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  • 50 minute interview w/ Black Library folks and 40 minutes breaking down 6th edition… was really looking forward to this episode and it was a pretty big let down.

  • Sorry Jeff, didn’t know that getting 4 BL authors on one show and talking our heads off about 6th was not to your liking. Maybe you would like to come by the show and take care of the next one for us.

    Please feel free to make some helpful suggestions on how the show should be better.

    I think that would go a bit farther then crying about it being a let down.

  • Jeff on July 18, 2012 at 2:11 pm said:

    Sorry that my ‘comment’ wasn’t 100% positive (figured that’s what they’re here for. Feedback and all that. Good or bad.) I guess I should have elaborated.

    Being as 6th edition is sort of a big deal for literally everyone who plays/has played/wants to play 40K and seeing as how it was released almost 3 weeks ago, I figured this show would have a bit more to do with it than what was presented. A new edition is something that happens every 5-6 years and generates a ton of interest with the changes it brings about. Something that should have taken a bit more precedence than it did in the episode (I believe (and could be wrong) that the interviews got more time than the actual talk about 6th edition.) Had the Horus Heresy been concluded in some massive joint effort that rewrote the 40k fluff as we know it, I guess I could see it taking as much time/precedence as it did in this episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was an outstanding effort to get everyone involved to talk about books we’ve all come to enjoy and love.

    I was disappointed by the brevity of talk about 6th edition in this episode because of the significance of 6th edition’s release to the game. While other podcasts are devoting entire episodes to the discussion (one has even gone as far as to have 3 episodes devoting close to 2 hours each episode to delving into the changes, pros/cons, etc. and talked how it’s affected the game and armies of the game and involved tactics and other aspects.) you guys, being one of the premier podcasts having to do with 40k (and easily my favorite podcast especially with Rik back as a regular and you involving yourself more since ‘stepping back’ a while ago) have done very little with something that could have been so much.

    So yes, I was disappointed. Did I diss the show and say it sucked? No. Will I continue listening and checking the site for anything new daily? Yes. Do I have hopes you guys will devote more towards the advent of 6th edition? Most definitely. Was my comment (or this one, for that matter.) a personal attack against the show? No. Was I, perhaps, hoping to (as 1 of 12,000 downloaders) express that I didn’t like that the show was primarily devoted to something I wasn’t interested in as much as 6th edition’s release? Yes. Was getting 4 BL authors on at the same time to chat up a Canadian event impressive? Yes.

    Thanks for all of the work and effort that goes into the show. I have been listening since you guys took over and have enjoyed the many laughs I have had while listening at work.

  • Sturm on July 19, 2012 at 4:23 am said:

    Heya crew,

    I totally agree with Jeff. It was a good show, but it was not what I had expected. I had expected a 6th edition focused episode with a crosshair (very good segment!), a rapid fire about 6th edition, a library segment for updates in the fluff.
    I hope you guys will bring back the Kinghammer-Tactica and have a look how the 6th edition will effect the various codices. That would be great!

    To the interview, I didn’t like it. A interview with 3 interviewers and 5 interviewee is just to big, confussing and is missing depth. I listen to your great show while I am painting, so you have only part of my attention and following 8 people is impossible for me.
    Having interviews with individual authors would be much more entertaining and informative.
    To ruin this constructive critic with a dreadded ‘To-be-honest’-part: To be honest, that interview felt more like a name-dropping thing… Especially if I compare Romeos excitment about the interview compered to the ‘guys, wrap it up!’ part of the crossfire.

    Just to let you guys know what I think. I am a fan of your show and are currently listing backwards to the archives and I will continue to listen!


  • EvilEd209 on July 19, 2012 at 8:07 am said:

    Disregard all negative comments guys, you did a great job with this week’s show! I am sure over the next few shows you’ll break 6th Edtion down, so to everyone else just relax.


  • Dynamus on July 23, 2012 at 1:55 am said:

    I’m a LONG time listener…from the VERY beginning of the show. Hate to say it, but I agree with Jeff and Sturm. That was kind of a hot mess fellas. Ok, I get it that you really liked the authors, but it was just too hectic. Also, I too feel like there was very little attention focused on 6th edition. With this new edition being, by far, the biggest event in some time, I really expected you guys to give it some major love. Luckily, MiniWargaming and Beasts of War have, and continue to put out, some significant content of this nature. Looking forward to your take on the new rules as well.

  • Vordermark on August 2, 2012 at 12:50 pm said:

    @Jeff, Sturm and Dynamus.

    I hear ya and agree. I kinda had my doubts how deep they would get into 6th. Then again, this is the podcast that strongly asserted there is no codex creep and that all armies are “balanced”. Each new edition is a great test and vindication of our passions and thousands of dollars of our fragile income. Its very worrying the degree of dismissive disrespect the hosts displayed in referencing the ETC and the international teams involved. This more then anything else showed the gulf of interests in the tabletop versus the display case.

    40k novel upkeep needs little more than $30 a month, or free if you know where to look, and exists out side of edition changes but they do not dictate the direction of the community. Interviews with ADB is nice but interviews with Tom Reed, Jawaballs, Tony Kopach, Ben Mohlie or TastyTaste would be community gold. They are like us, players, and they have invested much into the game, like us. Their comments and counter comments to the new dynamic are very helpful right now and the community is already eagerly paying close attention.

  • esxwolven on August 6, 2012 at 1:54 pm said:

    Hey guys good show got me through another long day at work, not easy creating a podcast epecially when everyone ones on the old 6th bandwagon not really sure what was expected of you from what ive read. Would you like the rule book read from cover to cover as you cant be bothered to go out and buy a rulebook for a game you love. I think it was great brief run down of the rulebook and a few opinions. though the fact its being spoken a about must mean something and another great interview from the blacklibray guys, this is a podcast that covers the hobby not just once subject and i like it keep it up. I so need to get myself a boota membership soon.

  • @esxwolven

    It’s not about needing a rulebook read to me and it’s most certainly not about me nother owning the rulebook (especially considering I preordered a Gamer’s Edition 2 hours after it was up on GW’s website). It’s about wanting to hear the opinions of the podcast crew and getting their take on it. I’ve listened to the show for a long time and have come to respect their knowledge and love for the game. As a listener who downloads the podcast and listens to their adverts (and buys from their advertisers because of said adverts) and helps pay their bills in doing so, I feel I should be able to chime in about what I do and do not like about the show to help male the show better IMHO. So you making the assumption that we’re too cheap to buy a rulebook is about as valid as me making the assumption that you’re some angsty 15 year old who jumps tocconclusions and doesn’t have the scratch to buy a $25 membership to a podcast that he enjoys listening to

  • esxwolven on August 9, 2012 at 6:36 pm said:

    @jeff you

    ur point is taken, however i wish i was still 15 life was so much easier. Just feel the guys need to be cut some slack as they are human. No offence towards anyone in particular meant. Umfourtunatly i have a little one that has taken all my money for the mo that membership will be mine soon

  • congrats on the little one ^.^ I have a 6 month old myself and feeling the hobby money pinch as well.

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