My Cousin Belov Stops In! February 15th (Show #15)

In this show the guys have a very special guest stop by. Romeo’s cousin Belov from Romania plays some hits from his new album and the guys manage to fit in 3 interviews.  Lots of music, lots of fun, and a tad bit of 40k FAQ goodness comes your way on the Feb. 15th show.  Oh, and its Romeo’s B-Day on the 21st if any one once to send some gifts.   _____________________________________________________________________

40k Radio Crusade Information is below.  Please click on the links to get the PDF’s and print them out.

 40k Radio Crusade

Crash Site Recovery – Scenario v5.0.1.5

Crash Site Recovery – Mission Special Rules

Results for the Crash Site Recovery Mission Must Be Emailed or Faxed in no later then March 1st to count for the overall total.


This show is sponsored by

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Show hosts- Romeo Filip, Rik Massei,and Kyle Kinghorn.  Produced by Romeo Filip & Teras Cassidy  Show Edited by Romeo Filip

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  • I just listened to #14…
    One of the best shows to date.
    Had a lot to say but you guys pretty much covered everything.
    Love GW but hate the way things appear to be going.
    Job well done guys !!!

  • what is the name of the “i dont read the bible” song and where can i get it?

    awesome show, best to date

  • Shiznaft on February 24, 2011 at 5:04 am said:

    The show is good but what the heck is the yee haw sound in the background, it was driving me crazy. Sounded like someone was playing a game.

  • Just an idea for the elder codex a set if you army is lead by an aurtarck you may pick one type of aspect warrior unit and that unit becomes troops and you pay a number of points depending on which aspect you pick

    As for white dwarf they need more hobby stuff and more new data sheets and missions for instance I really want more spear head stuff

    Anyway good episode I like your thoughts on tau

  • flightmek on February 26, 2011 at 11:34 am said:

    Oh man! The Romanian jokes have me laughing out loud! How am I supposed to hold a steady brush when you guys are making me laugh like that? Seriously funny stuff. Please keep that up.

    Thanks, fellas. Another awesome show.

  • Is it just me, or has 40k radio turned into a giant commercial? I started listening recently and started at show #1 and made it through about 4 shows and just jumped to the most recent show. Wow what a change. Hardly zero useful unformation and senseless plugs for everything 40k related. Whatever happened to Romeo being a “once in a while” guest? Now he runs the show and it’s nothing but plugs. Nothing personal, I love you guys, but I’d rather watch the sham-wow guy for 2 hours. It’s been fun!

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